Folded Objects, 2019
Photography by Hanna Fuhrmann

Suitable for display or to be worn on your head, as desired. After doing a lot of exploration around folding and leatherwork, I wanted to challenge myself to combine what I’ve learned into a collection of finished pieces that are presentable, and perhaps even wearable. Each object has a distinct character, expressed through differences in color, size, shape, and fold, but together they work as a set, united by process and material.


First leather hat, 2016

Folding studies – leather, Tyvek, paper

A personal project experimenting with how the practice of origami might be applied to different types of materials such as leather, tyvek, and paper, and how the results may be combined to produce a new type of product with unique aesthetic and material properties.

Origami graphic studies

In this experiment I used the folds of physical materials to inspire a new graphic style playing with shapes and colors.